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Drive around Indonesia in this simulator

Bus Simulator Indonesia, or BUSSID, is a mobile game developed by Maleo. As the name suggests, this bus driving game lets you get behind the wheels of a bus and drive through various cities in Indonesia. It comes with 3D graphics and offers two modes, letting you choose your preferred gameplay option to ensure that you're comfortable as you play. Despite being a free-to-play game, this game does not have obstructive ads while you drive. 

What BUSSID offers

Bus Simulator Indonesia is not the first bus simulator. However, it's probably one of the simulator game that comes with the most features and the most authentic Indonesian environment. As noted, the game offers two modes, one where you play through a single-player campaign and another where you choose a bus and a city and drive around freely.

The single-player campaign works just like any tycoon game. You begin with a simple bus that you will use to complete routes. As you do,  you can earn money that you can, in turn, use to buy new buses. The more you earn, the more you can create your own bus company. The other mode serves as a practice mode where you can familiarize yourself with the controls of the game. 

Speaking of controls, BUSSID lets you choose between various gameplay options. You can steer either by tilting your smartphone or by tapping the screen. There is also an option to use a virtual steering wheel if you want a more authentic experience. On top of that, the game also comes with various camera angles, including a fixed camera, bird’s eye view, and cabin view. 

Bus Simulator Indonesia showcases authentic Indonesian cities and places. Even the buses carry the design usually seen in Indonesian streets. Aside from purchasing pre-designed buses, the game also allows you to create your 3D model using a vehicle mod system

What it can improve on

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a fun game. The UI is easy to navigate, and the graphics are excellent for a mobile game. The mechanics are also simple since you only need to pick up passengers at a terminal and drive around following the route provided by the map. That said, it does not mean that the app does not need improvement. 

For one, while the game offers authentic Indonesian locations, its traffic scene is not that real-life. There are no traffic rules that you need to consider as you drive. There is no speed limit and no pedestrian. It is as if you are driving on a track. More, the passengers only get on and off at a terminal. You cannot even see them inside the bus even though the game tells you they got on. The crash animation is also unrealistic, and there is no damage even though you hit something. 

The game also frequently glitches whenever you are playing. On top of that, it sometimes quits by itself or even causes your device to crash. There are also cases of the app simply not working, prompting the players to uninstall and install it again. 

Fun but needs improvement

Bus Simulator Indonesia is an entertaining driving game that allows you to see what it is like to be a bus driver in Indonesia. More than the simple gameplay, it also lets you customize plenty, from the graphics to the controls. However, the game could use optimization to live up to its promise of providing an authentic experience.


  • Excellent visuals
  • Three control options
  • Feature authentic Indonesian city maps
  • Vehicle mod system


  • Unrealistic traffic scene
  • Bad crash animation
  • Frequently glitches
  • Sometimes causes device to hang

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User reviews about Bus Simulator Indonesia

  • manoj s pillai

    by manoj s pillai

    i like this game very very better game driving is very enjoying very attracteve model bus


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